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Make it easy for your team to do things the way you want them done



"I've spoken to so many people after his presentation, and he was their highlight — the content, first and foremost, but also just because he's hilarious."
— Craig Wilson, Event Organizer

Ask Alexis to speak at your event about one of his areas of expertise.

Alexis is also available as a panelist, interview guest, interviewer or pundit.



Alexis is an award-winning entrepreneur, with two software businesses and a consulting practice, serving over 600 organizations around the world, including well known brands such as 3M, Asahi, Fitness First, Google, Pepsi, Sony, and Swarovski.

Alexis is passionate about freeing up time for business leaders so they can spend it on what matters most.

Through his work as Founder of AirManual, Alexis has saved 1,000s of hours of time for business owners and their leaders each year, enabling them to unlock business growth, and scale with less stress.

In his own businesses, he has removed himself from day-to-day operations, allowing him to go on a 6-week road trip across Europe whilst his businesses continued to operate and grow.

Paul Avins

"Alexis delivered one of the best presentations I've ever had at one of my events. He is a natural and engaging speaker, and delivered so much value to my Mastermind members."

Kevin Hall

"Alexis has a natural presentation style — it’s engaging, humorous, well-paced, enjoyable and attendees were super impressed. Many people said to me that it was the most impactful and helpful session of the two days. People felt they were being spoken to by someone who really understood their pain and gave them great insights.”

June Angelides MBE

“Alexis, you’re awesome! Very attentive to all of us, and you helped me make the leap to becoming an entrepreneur.”


Alexis offers practical advice based on his own experience and from working with clients.



The De-Stress Your Business podcast is for business owners, leaders, and managers who want to achieve better results with less stress.


You'll get tactics that you can roll out today to free up more of your time, empower your teams, and streamline employee onboarding.

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